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Half Lamb Pack.

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The Half Lamb pack contains, 1 Leg Fillet, 1 Leg Shank, 3 Chump Steaks, 6 Handcut Loin Chops, 7 Cutlets, Shoulder (Bone In), cut into 2 Joints, 1 pack of Lamb Mince. Everything is vac packed and labeled. You are charged the deadweight (carcase weight) per kilo. The weights vary between 9 and 12 kg. Generally the later in the season, the heavier the averages will be. The system assumes an average of 10kg, this may be adjusted slightly up or down. We start hanging our lamb in October, usually for 1 to 2 weeks. This makes a real difference to the flavour. The combination of rare breed, grass finished, hung lamb results in this being probably some of the best lamb you can buy.

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